Wahl 9590-210 Pro-Series Complete Pet Clipper Kit Rating: ★★★★☆

The Wahl 9590-210 Pro-Series Complete Cordless Pet Clipper Kit is a perfect start for dog owners who are breaking out into the dog grooming world.  The kit has everything you need from the cordless clipper itself to, combs, cleaning brushes, scissors, and more.  The most notable thing about these clippers is the fact that it yields a lot more power than the price of the kit suggests.  While it doesn’t advertise a cutting speed, it certainly gets the job done on most dogs.  If you want a cordless, affordable dog grooming kit to get started grooming yourself, this is your best option.  You even get a great instructional DVD with it.

Where To Buy?

I’d highly recommend buying it from Amazon.com (check current discounted price), you can save nearly 50% and it’s easily one of the top 3 selling dog clippers on Amazon.com.  Some of the professional, heavy-duty clippers cost anywhere from $50 to $100 more than these.  Over 200 people have also left reviews for this dog clipper kit on Amazon, which suggests that a lot more people have bought it from Amazon without leaving a review.

Is It Good For My Dog’s Breed?

If you have a dog with horrifically matted hair, it’s probably not going to work out too well.  However, if you have a long haired or double-coated dog, these cordless clippers will work out well for you.  They are not meant for heavy duty use, but they’ll work well for most dogs that need to be groomed occasionally.  They also work really well as a trimmer too, for those sensitive areas.

Because it’s cordless, which isn’t very common for these kinds of clippers, it’ll allow you a lot more flexibility for the dogs that are a little squeamish towards the sound of these types of clippers.

Does It Run Hot?

Nope!  Unless you run it for a large amount of time.  Most are able to groom their dog in under 30 minutes, which these clippers will handle well.  They are able to stay cool because they aren’t operating at a really high speed like some of the heavy duty professional clippers, that’d you pay a ton more for.

How Noisy Are They?

Again, because they run at a lower speed, they are going to stay relatively quiet as well.  This is important for a lot of dogs.

How Well Does It Cut?

Now this was the answer I was after, too.  I was a little skeptical.  However, many people were surprised at how well it cuts for some of the tough breeds out there.  It’s must better than using human hair clippers.  Now, you’re probably not going to zoom through any grooming job.  But, why would you want to rush with these clippers?  You’re probably not going to be using them for a professional grooming service, anyway.  I think you’ll feel comfortable with how well it gets the job done.

Wahl 9590-210 Pro-Series Complete Pet Clipper KitWahl 9590-210 Pro-Series Complete Pet Clipper Kit

Wahl 9590-210 Pro-Series Key Features

  • Self-sharpening high-carbon steel blades
  • Stays quiet and cool
  • Includes a step-by-step DVD on how to get started, very informative.
  • Cordless, don’t have to worry about it running out of power mid-job

What’s In The Box

  • Rechargeable Wahl 9590-210 Pro-Series
  • Storage Case
  • Blade Guard
  • Cleaning Brushes
  • 4 attachment guides
  • Comb
  • Oil
  • Scissors
  • Instructional DVD


  • 1 Year Limited Warranty

Conclusion – Wahl 9590-210 Pro-Series

These is an impressive starter kit, one that has lasted people quite a few years of use.  On Amazon.com, there’s over 200 customer reviews that have given it an average rating of 4.2/5 stars, which is really good. You should read a lot of those reviews by clicking here.

I was skeptical at first about its power, but it reputation with many dog owners has made it a quality dog clipper kit.  We’d highly recommend the Wahl 9590-210 Pro-Series  for many dog owners who want to get started grooming themselves.

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